Health Services

Case Management

Why Would I Need Case Management?

The need for case management services is determined through a collaboration between you, your family or caregiver, your health care team, and your provider. This collaboration will include a comprehensive assessment of your health, psychosocial needs, and use of health care services and resources.

Case management can help by:
• Coordinating your care.
• Assessing, planning, and facilitating services for you.
• Evaluating your options.
• Advocating on your behalf.

You or your family member may need case management if you have:
• Instability with chronic health problems
• A serious terminal illness
• An increased need for different provider specialties due to multiple diseases or conditions
• A need for more support and education during a critical period

Who are Case Managers?

Case managers are usually nurses or social workers who can help you and your family figure out complex health care and support systems. They will work with you to coordinate the services and other community resources you need

They can help:
• Provide advocacy, support, and education
• Reduce burden and streamline appropriate utilization of care
• Partner with members of your healthcare team to assist in coordination of your healthcare needs
• Monitoring for progress and desired outcomes

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

What is the Exceptional Family Member Program?

The EFMP is a mandatory enrollment program that assists active duty military Families who have a Family member that has been identified as having special medical and/or educational needs. The special needs are documented through enrollment in the EFMP utilizing the DD Form 2792 (Family Member Medical Summary). The EFMP works with other military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive and coordinated community support, housing, educational, medical and personnel services.

What is an Exceptional Family Member?

An Exceptional Family Member is a Family member (child or adult) with any physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual disorder that requires special treatment, therapy, education, training, or counseling.

If you haven’t seen it already-

Soldiers and Families can log in to the new system at  Please don’t wait for your next PCS to update key information.

E-EFMP is a secure, digital platform that streamlines enrollment and assignment coordination, and makes Family support access easier.  The system’s online form saves data and case files to the Cloud (on-demand availability), which reduces paperwork and administrative hurdles while safely storing information during every household move, deployment, and rotation. 
E-EFMP addresses the most common problems with the legacy system: transparency, timeliness of updates, potential impacts to the assignments process, and adds program execution consistency across the Army.

Now, through E-EFMP, Soldiers can complete EFMP enrollment, reenrollment, and overseas Family Member Travel Screening (FMTS) if Soldier and Family member are co-located.  Soldiers and Families that are geographically separated need to contact their nearest Military Treatment Facility to complete Family Member Travel Screening (FMTS).
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