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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I check to see if my lab tests are ordered?
You must consult with your provider team to determine what tests have been ordered.  The lab does not have access to this information. 
Can I walk in for a HIV test?
Only active duty service members in need of updating MEDPROS (or your service's system) are allowed to walk in. If you are not enrolled in the clinic, you must have your PCM order your HIV before it will be collected.  You simply need to present to the laboratory reception desk and let the technologist know you need to have your HIV updated. You need to know the name of your PCM so that the test can be ordered for your PCM (for beneficiaries enrolled at Barquist).
How do I update my HIV test in MEDPROS?
After your HIV sample is collected, you must call the Force Protection Office at 301-619-2044. The Force Protection Manager will be able to see that the sample was collected and will update your MEDPROS. This is the only way to have your MEDPROS updated should your unit not have someone with MEDPROS "write" capability.
How long should I fast for LIPID profile?
Ideally, you should fast for 12 hours or more. Fasting means nothing by mouth, except water, so drink plenty of water. If you are taking medications and you are not sure if the medication can be withheld during this fast, please consult your physician. 
How long should I fast for a Fasting Blood Sugar (glucose)?
It is recommended that an individual should fast for a minimum of eight (8) hours. 
How long will it take to get my results?
Routine testing which is done in-house will be performed the same day. Tests which are sent out to other laboratories will take longer depending on the policies of that laboratory. Consult with the laboratory for possible turnaround times. 
What do my results mean?
For interpretation of your lab results, you should consult with your health care provider. 
Can the laboratory give me my test results?
No. The lab is not permitted to give results to patients for legal reasons. If you need a copy of your results for your family physician, contact your health care provider to have that arranged. 
Is a serum or urine test more accurate for pregnancy?
In most instances they give the same results. The only difference is urine is more accurate early morning as the specimen is more concentrated. The concentrated specimen is especially optimal in detecting early pregnancies.
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